Be faithful in small things because it is in them that your strength lies.

Mother Teresa

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    West Java:
    Using gotong royong or‘reciprocal help’, both men and women work to build a better, greener future together.

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    West Java:
    CO2 fixing economic valuable trees restore degraded soils while commercial vegetable crops are integrated.

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    West Java:
    “Monkey-proof” -- glove tree and hardwood seedlings are planted close to a forest area.

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    West Sumatra:
    Through our ANR methods, seedlings compete well with Imperata grasses by reaching 4 metres-high in only 3 years.

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    Farmers are trained on ANR in the field in close collaboration with forestry extension officers.

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    West Sumatra:
    A typical CO2 Operate site: soon to be rehabilitated slopes fronted by distinctive Minangkabau architecture.

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    West Sumatra:
    To establish the preferred agroforestry system, a cocoa tree is planted with great care.

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    West Sumatra:
    In only 2 to3 years, formerly degraded slopes transform into green, productive hills.

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    West Sumatra:
    Showing the immense motivation farmers have to improve their situation, Seedlings are carried up the slopes on foot.

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    West Java:
    Local villagers manage the nurseries in our sites.

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